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Breaking the stereotypical magician image...

Matt Colman is currently rated as one of the UK's top close Up table magicians available to hire. His modern style of magic and fresh approach is a breath of fresh air to many. In the 1900's magicians where booked in vaudeville theatres wearing cheap suits and top hats to perform second rate magic, producing rabbits from hats, long boring card tricks and jokes that had moss on them long before Henry the 8th had even met his first wife!


Unfortunately now in the year 2012, a lot of magicians haven't changed! These guys can ruin your event. Matt has worked with many who have been an embarrassment to the event. With Matt's credentials and experience he is more than a welcomed guest to Englands top hotels, stately homes, castles and mansions. Top companies trust him to generate more leads than they've ever had before.


Matt's promise to you is a simple one - 110% Total Entertainment - always.

Performing at weddings, corporate functions and private parties - Matt Colman has fast become one of England's favourite magicians.


Matt performs premium quality sleight of hand, mind reading, and psychological magic, Boosting the atmosphere and breaking the ice with claps, laughs and sheer amazement.

This unique and fantastic universal form of entertainment, will astonish and captivate all ages.

Matt Colman can be booked as a:

Wedding Magician
Private Party Magician
Magician for Corporate Events
Cabaret Magician
Or you can book Matt Colman for something else

To see a short promotional video of Matt Colman in action please click here on media to watch.


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