Matt Colman close up table Magician

Comedy Magician

Magician? comedian? Both?

As well as being delightfully deceiving, Matt Colman combines his original humour with magic and sleight of hand, no stock cheesy lines that almost every bad magician regurgitates, and no bad jokes that had moss on them before King Henry the 8th met his first wife!


In both his close up table magic and his stage cabaret show, you'll get to witness both his razor sharp wit and his flair for originality. Not only is it original, its also family friendly - so you won't have to stick ear muffs over Granny or any children present.


Rated as one of the UK's top Close Up Table magicians. Matt Colman is available to hire for private parties, weddings, and corporate events. Matt Colman covers all over England as is regularly flown out to perform his stunning style of magic across the world. Matt boosts the atmosphere and breaks the ice expertly with claps, laughs and sheer amazement in any situation.

With his modern style and fresh approach he professionally entertains, amazes and amuses. Matt is a skilled sleight of hand and magic artist. Combined with his talents is his great personality and fast wit, which has created a recipe for guaranteed success. Matt guarantees that you and your guests will love what he has to offer.


This unique and fantastic universal form of entertainment, will astonish and captivate all ages.

Matt Colman can be booked as a:

Wedding Magician
Private Party Magician
Magician for Corporate Events
Cabaret Magician
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