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Matt Colman Magician, performing his magic in and around Peterborough

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Matt Colman is currently rated as one of England's Top Close Up Magicians / Table magicians in Peterborough available to hire. Available to hire across Peterborough as a Party Magician Peterborough, Wedding Magician Peterborough and Corporate Magician Peterborough.


With his modern style and fresh approach he entertains, amazes and amuses. Matt is a skilled sleight of hand and magic artist. Combined with his magic skills is his great personality and clever wit, which has created a recipe for guaranteed success. Matt promises that you and your guests will love what he has to offer.

If you need a Wedding Magician, Corporate Magician or Party Magician in Peterborough, contact Matt to get a quote for your event.


Matt performs premium quality sleight of hand, mind reading, and psychological magic, Boosting the atmosphere and breaking the ice with claps, laughs and sheer amazement.


To make your event magical in Peterborough with Matt Colman Magician, click on contact here for booking information and availability to hire Matt.


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