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Berkshire Magician, performing close up magic and table magic in and around Berkshire

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Berkshire Magician Matt Colman is an award winning close up magician performing in Berkshire, he performs mini miracles with cards, coins, ropes and even the guests own borrowed objects to create devastating illusions that defy explanation. His natural way with people and his slick unbelievable sleight of hand make him arguably one of Berkshire's finest and favourite magicians available to hire.


If you are looking for an ultra cheesy, cheap-suit-wearing magician who pulls rabbits out of top hats and saws leotard wearing girls in half...unfortunately you are in the wrong place! Matt Colman is a professional modern magician who travels across the world offering high end contemporary close up magic, table magic and mind reading stage performances.


Magician BerkshireMatt Colman's magic is surpassed by very few. With well over ten years of experience; he's a sure-fire success in any situation. As one of the countries leading close-up magicians and table magicians, he has developed a style that not only expertly and professionally entertains, it impresses, amazes and amuses his audiences alike- quite simply his magic can make your event in Berkshire.

One of Matt's specialties is being able to reduce grown adults into giggling children...


Below are genuine photographs of some of Matt's audiences, taken by talented photographers across the world.


These are the special moments of magic, surprise, laughter, smiles, head-scratching amazement, jaw-dropping bewilderment, screams of delight, child-like wonder, dumbfoundedness, admiration, and instant applause. These are the moments people never forget - these are the moments that Matt creates everywhere he goes -- this is why he is one of Berkshire's favourite magicians. These moments and memories are what Matt adds to your event that makes him stand out beyond other magicians.

Matt is the secret ingredient to help create that perfect atmosphere.

Close Up Magician Berkshire // Berkshire Table Magician

Close Up Magic, or table magic as it is often referred to for dinner events, is one of the newest forms of magic - its origins are often debated amongst magicians, however Legendary Magician and Magic Scholar, Max Maven, theorizes that Matt Shulien of New York was the first close up magician, he conceived the current format of close up magic in the 1920's.


magician hire BerkshireSince the 1920's close up magic has become the most popular and diverse forms of magic. Matt delightfully deceives guests, friends, family and clients at weddings, corporate functions and private parties.


Matt performs premium quality sleight of hand, table magic, close up magic, card magic, and mind reading - boosting the atmosphere and breaking the ice with claps, laughs and sheer amazement.


Matt's unique and fantastic universal form of entertainment, will astonish and captivate all ages.


Matt is perfect to hire for parties (birthday, house party etc) weddings, balls, dinners, conferences, product launches, exhibitions, openings, special events, theme nights (especially casino nights) and much more.


Delivering hard-hitting direct magic that stuns all senses, Matt Colman can provide:

Top Close Up Magic and Table Magic for private parties in Berkshire for hire (see party magician Berkshire)

Amazing Wedding Magic to make your Wedding extra special in Berkshire for hire (see wedding magician Berkshire)


Or can provide top Corporate Entertainment for your business in Berkshire for hire (see corporate magician Berkshire)


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Berkshire Wedding Magician

Berkshire Wedding Magician - Magician for Weddings in BerkshireWedding Magic is getting more and popular each year - why? Because close up magic for weddings is one of the most universal and beautiful performances somebody can bring to you on a personal, intimate level.


One of the major regrets wedding couples have, is that they wish they had made the wedding entertainment budget bigger. If you hire Matt - we guarantee you'll never look back.


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Corporate Magician Berkshire

Top Companies in Berkshire trust Matt to make their events successful - whether it's a conference, product launch, trade show, exhibition, Christmas party, staff party, dinner or cocktail reception- Matt always delivers great results. Matt's natural way with people and his unbelievable sleight of hand make him a perfect addition for your magical hospitality, brand awareness or lead generation needs.


Matt is available to hire for functions requiring close up magic / table magic and mind reading shows for corporate events.

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Mind Reader in Berkshire


Mind Reader in Berkshire Hire

Looking to hire a Mind reader in Berkshire?


Matt Colman not only reads minds - he blows them apart.


Matt is a specialist in mind reading performances for corporate events.


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Please note:

Matt is a professional close up magician, table magician and mind reader in Berkshire, primarily for adults, whilst his act has universal appeal and is family friendly, he is more than happy to entertain and involve any children that are present during functions, however he is not a children's entertainer in Berkshire, or "Kids Magician in Berkshire", and does not offer entertainment solely for children. Please refer to a Children's entertainment specialist in Berkshire if you are seeking such services.