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Professional Magician Matt Colman

He's slick, quick and YOU wouldn't want to play cards with him!

Matt Colman's close up magic and table magic is surpassed by very few. With over fifteen years of experience; he's a surefire success in any situation, whether its a wedding, birthday, corporate event or a private party - Matt always delivers a first class performance. As one of the countries leading close up and table magicians, he's developed a style that not only impresses, amazes and amuses adults and family audiences alike, his magic can make your event.


From Receptions and Dinners for corporations such as BBC, ITV, Barclay's, Coca-Cola, Disney, Volvo & Jaguar, to intimate close up magic in mansions and castles, Matt Colman is one of the UK's most exciting magicians.

Matt is young, fresh, extremely talented - and has bags of experience. He is a master of delivering contemporary hard-hitting direct close-up magic and table magic that stuns all senses. Matt Colman can magically mingle with your guests during a drink reception or at a private party (see party magician), entertain around the tables at your next event (see table magician), astound colleagues and clients at your next corporate function (see corporate magician) or can make your wedding extra special (see wedding magician).

Premium quality sleight of hand, psychological magic, mind reading, natural charm and wit make Matt Colman one of England's Favourite magicians. When booking a magician for your next event - make sure you leave it to the professionals.

You may have seen magic on TV, perhaps even having fond memories of watching Paul Daniels or David Nixon on the television or even love watching current TV Magicians like Derren Brown, Dynamo and David Blaine - but its nothing like experiencing it live, in fact most people have never even met a real magician! This is possibly why having a magician performing close-up magic or table magic is fast becoming one of England's favourite choices for wedding and private party entertainment.


Corporate Magicians for Hire in England, UK, and across the world

As one of England's few full time professional magicians, Matt regularly performs all over England and the UK, and and as an international magician he works with some of the world's biggest companies across the globe to provide top corporate close up magic and table magic for their clients and colleagues (see corporate magician).


As an international magician, Matt has Recently mystified top C.E.O's at Germany's Oktoberfest with Coca-Cola, entertained Thousands and Thousands of customers at the House of Illusion in Barcelona. He has also helped launch Pirates of the Caribbean with Disney and Volvo, everyone was talking about Matt Colman at Barclay's last Christmas Party and he creates prospect leads for many companies including Jaguar (see trade-show magician). Matt provides incredible sleight of hand and great humour for Dinners, Galas and Award Shows for the likes of BBC, ITV and Patron. Matt has been part of the Award winning Hospitality team at Old Trafford, performing Corporate Box Match Day magic for Manchester United and also Match Day Magic at Goodison Park for Everton Football Club.

Matt Colman Magician is based in North West England, but as a magician he travels performing all over the England, UK and the world.


Use the links at the top of the page to find out how Matt can provide magical services for your next private party, wedding or corporate event, click on services or to contact Matt for booking and availability information please click on contact.

Table Magicians for hire in England and the UK

Table Magician - Table Magician Hire England, UK

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Mind-Reading and Mind Readers for hire in England

Impress your guests with Matt's unexplainable mind reading cabaret show - Rated as one of the best Psychological magic and mind-reading shows currently available in England! Perfect for after dinner entertainment and weddings.

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